The Mormon Waldensians

Published in 1986, is a 102 page thesis on the 12 Waldenise families and single people who joined the Mormon Church between 1850-1869 and emigrated to Utah.

Articles on The Mormon Waldensians

  • History of the Piedmont Families Organization
  • PFO launched a new website at and made Paypal available for contributions to the Piedmont Family Organization.

  • Pioneer Magazine
  • I have received permission from the Sons of the Utah Pioneers to post the May issue of Pioneer Magazine (2014 – Volume 61 – Number 10) when it’s released. The May, 2014 issues includes articles on Madeleine’s Dream p. 6; Joseph Toronto, p. 12; Property of Joseph Toronto p. 18; Three Orphaned Italians in Early Utah Territory; p. 19; John Daniel Malan; Faithful Italian Pioneer, p. 25 and the lead article, “the History of Utah’s Italian Pioneers” taken from Chapter 3 of Mormon Waldensians. The Confessions of Faith, published by the Vaudois in 1120 A.D. is found on p. 36. Contact the SUP office at (801 484-4441), 3301 East 2920 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109 if you want a hard copy before the electronic version is released.