Types of Subtle Energy include:


Honoring Ancestors

There is a unique energy that comes through knowing our ancestors; this is the headstone of my great grandparents, John and Inger Sward Johnson. An experience described by Zeke Johnson explains why this is so important. Read more.

Mormons build temples to perform marriages and other sacred ordinances to link generations. Neil’s wife describes eternal marriage in this article. Read more.


March 6, 2014 - Angels among us? I had been needing help cutting down trees when Joe, a Samoan tree cutter, noticed me raking and stopped to ask if I needed any help. Later I discovered that Joe had a spiritual impression to stop that day. It was March 6th – the 19th anniversary of my son Stephen’s death. Joe looked over the work and made an offer I could not refuse. Having spent his youth in a Samoan rain forest Tom is normally opposed to cutting down anything, but readily agreed when he learned that my tree cutters were both from Western Samoa. Read more.

Spirit Energy

is captured in this photo taken in a Salt Lake Cemetary shortly after the burial of this woman's nephew. Amazed to discover a ghost-like figure at the foot of the grave, Ruth returned this film to technitions at Kodak who verified that it was not flawed. The camera had indeed captured the high frequency vibration of spirit energy.

Prayer and Theta Healing

Vianna Stibal and Jackie Sharp utilize prayer in healing at Leadership Training in West Yellowstone, June 21, 2001.

Vianna, a psychic and medical intuitive, practices and teaches Theta Healing world wide.* Scientists today understand that the human brain vibrates in Beta, Alpha, Theta or in a Delta frequency. Vianna discovered that spontaneous healings occure when the brain is in Theta. Practically everyone utilizes this state of consciousness during prayer and meditation.


Shamanic Energy


Omi, a young anthropology student, is shown visiting her ancestrial village in West Africa in 1983. While participating in what she believed to be a ceremony of welcome, Omi was made an African Shaman. It took years before she came to understand and appreciate her shamanic powers. Omi teaches Yoruba ceremony and tradition, and calls in the ancestors as she empowers and heals.

Collective Energy

is demonstrated by Lakota Indian tribes at the 2000 Black Hills Pow Wow. Five Indian nations celebrate the emerging energy of the new millenium. These Native Americans believe that this new energy will unite all nations and usher in a period of peace, harmony and love. Black Hills Powwow, October 8, 2001


Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions- which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and even cancer. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal- so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.

Pat Butts author of "Free Yourself from Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia" at an Ener-Chi Quest Workshop in Park City with Diane Stokoe, Dr. Loveland, and Dr. Roebirds.


Power of Thought

"The Power of Thought" Seminar with Harold McCoy in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 15, 2003. View notes.

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