1. Family History of Thomas A. Stokoe
    Complete family history of Thomas A. Stokoe, spanning from the late 1700’s to present.

  2. The Different Worlds of Thomas A. Stokoe
    Written in 1982 in partial fulfillment for a Master’s Degree in Family and Local History.

  3. Call Me Steve -- Autobiography of Stephen Alexander Stokoe
    Oct. 21, 1974 -- Mar. 6, 1995 (see Subtle Energy page) Subjects - suicide, Attention Deficit Disorder

  4. Farley Roots
    Updated version of 1985 publication of Farley Roots Etc., “Collection of writings pertaining to Farley history by Eva Farley Clayton and Lucille Farley Collins” – Edited by Diane Stokoe, first section published online December 8th, 2014.

  5. Jennie and Carl's Daughters and Sons
    A Collective Biography of the Children of Carl and Jennie Farley

  6. Farley Family Values
    A Study of Farley Family Values including a Survey of families from Thomas Farley and wife Anne who arrived in Jamestown on February 4, 1623. This paper includes information of fifteen generations down to the children and grand children of Carol & Jenny Farley. Written in June, 1983 for a Master's degree in Family and Local History. This paper was updated in December, 2013 and includes information on happiness and the legalization of polygamy in Utah.

  7. Mary Murl Holdaway -- Ancestors and Descendents
    Mother of Dean A. Johnson, wife of Alfred H. Johnson. Biography.

  8. Biographical Sketch of Isaac Riddle
    Mar. 1830 -- Sept. 1, 1906. Mary Murl Holdaway Johnson's maternal pioneer grandfather.

  9. Theordore Farley Senior's Missionary Journals

  10. Alfred H. Johnson Family History - John and Inger's DNA

  11. Alfred H. Johnson Family History - John and Inger's Gallery


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