These publications, written by others, are available to download.

The Kent and Johnson Family - Compiled by John D. (Jack) and Alan Stemmons

Copyright 1998. A listing of 23 Generations including the names of 1800 ancestors beginning with the current generations and going back to the 1500's. Jack Stemmons is a life long friend of Ron Kent and the Johnson sisters.

Steps of Saturn -- Autobiographical Novel by Serge P. Belov

Father of Peter S. Belov, Diane's first husband. Serge was born Nov. 17, 1899, in Kazan, Imperial Russian Empire. He died June 30, 1977 in S.L.C. Utah. He was an officer in White Russian Army and participated in the Russian Revolution. Serge is the grandfather of Brian, Dean and Matt Belov.

Autobiography of Dean A. Johnson

Father of Corinne Young, Diane Stokoe and Laraine Kent. Dean Johnson was born May 24, 1909, in Lake View. He died Jan. 12, 1971 in Orem, Utah. A talk given Corinne Johnson Young at Stake Youth Conference in June, 2000 concludes Dean's history. See also the John and Inger Family Web Site.

Tom's trip to the Soviet Union

Tom was chosen to chaperone students from Skyline High School for the first cultural exchange with Russia in 1990 - this is an account of the three-week trip.

Polynesian Chronology & Samoan Temple Work

By Thomas A. Stokoe

Biography of Severine Maria Madsen

By granddaughter Jennie Terry Farley.

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