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Books on this Subject:

1.     Baxter, Clyde. The Secret Life of Cells and The Secret Life of Plants. Baxter is a polygraph expert who retired after many years in law enforcement. He discovered, quit by accident, that he could communicate with plants when he hooked his lie detector equipment to a house plant. Baxter's research verified that plants react to human intent. They register joy when about to be watered or pain if their human caretaker thinks about destroying them. Their reaction to positive and/or negative energy can be measured.

2.     Myss, Caroline, PH.D. Anatomy of the Spirit. Myss is internationally sought after speaker on health, spirituality, and personal power. She lives in Chicago. Myss is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine. She is also a healer and gifted medical intuitive.

3.     Pearsall, Paul, PH.D. The Heart's Code. "A fascinating synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern medicine, scientific research and personal experience that proves that the human heart, not the brain, hold the secrets that link body, mind, and spirit." Pearsall's book is chucked full of amazing anecdotes that describe how the lives of heart transplant recipients changed to reflect the habits and interests of their organ donor.

One example: A young Hispanic male received the heart of a medical student killed in a traffic accident. A former lover of heavy metal music, this man now loves fifties rock-and-roll (a favorite of the medical student). Also, the recipient abandoned his health-conscious vegetarian life style and began to eat meat and fatty foods after his surgery. Later he discovered that these foods were favorites of his donor. The young man suddenly began using the word "copacetic". A word his mother did not understand and had never heard before. Later, they learned that this term was often used by the medical student to signal everything's OK.

"Biologist Lyall Watson suggested that physical items with which we are in intimate contact can indeed take on our emotional fingerprints and store our thoughts and feelings. If plants and inanimate objects can store our feelings and thoughts, it is possible that our body organs, which are most intimately connected to us, also contain our emotional imprints." (p. 120)

4.     Talbot, Michael. The Holographic Universe New York: Harper Perennial, c 1991. Quantum physics supports interconnectedness. Talbot's premise "The idea that consciousness and life (and indeed all things are enfolded throughout the universe) has an equally dazzling flip side. Just as every portion of a hologram contains the image of the whole, every portion of the universe enfolds the whole. Our universe is a hologram!

5.     Redfield, Jame. The Celestine Prophecy, The Eleventh Insight and The Secret of Shambhala. New York: Time Warner, c. 1993, 1996, 1999. This action packed series is anchored in topics of human spiritual awareness. The books also touch on conserving our last remaining wilderness areas. Michael Crichton and other modern fiction writers also use the mind, body and spirit connection and quantum physics as a base for their stories

6.     Hawkins, David R, M.D., Ph.D. Power vs. Force: the hidden determinants of human behavior. Sedona, Ariz:Veritas Pub, c 1995. The evolution of this work, which began in 1965, was fostered by developments in numerous scientific fields-but a few of them were of special importance...



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